Welcome or as our greeting goes ‘Ram Ram’. At Fifu Camel Safari we have been offering authentic trips in the desert for over 20 years.

The Thar Desert also known as the Great Indian Desert is the most populated desert in the world. Home to over 30 million people, rich in culture and traditions inherited from old generations. A way of life that is so different from anything else you ever saw or experienced. A whole new world of experiences and adventurous waiting to be explored. We are passionate about this part of our country and heritage, and proud to be sharing it with our guests. Over and over we keep on receiving reviews and comments from our guests about how this part of their trip was the best experience ever and the highlight of their entire trip. This together with our love for this uniquely beautiful terrain is what continues to drive us to give authentic experiences in the Thar Desert.

From years of experience we learned that no one package is suitable for all. We understand that budget and preferences vary from guest to guest. We prefer to discuss with our guests, explain the options available and together come up with an experience that would suit them best. Here are some experiences that we can create, to give you a glimpse of what your Thar Desert experience can be like.

Comfort and Luxury

The desert might not be the first destination that comes to your mind when looking for comfort and luxury but it is a possibility through our Desert Resort. With our resort in Barna we wanted to give our guests the chance to experience the desert in the most comfortable way possible. Accommodation is in one of our mud cottages or Swiss tents complete with en-suite western style bathroom, fan and comfortable bedding. Exquisite local cuisine for our buffet dinners, a well-stocked bar, bonfire and cultural shows during the evenings guarantee a mystical night. What makes our camp stand out apart from the high standards throughout all services offered is its location. It is conveniently located one hour away from Jaisalmer by jeep, but it feels like a continent away. We chose a location far away from all the other camps in order to be able to give our guests the isolated and secluded feel of the desert. Few other experiences come close to watching the sun rise or set over the sand dunes close to our camp.

Village Life

For years people have made this harsh terrain their home. They created whole villages and build their own lives in a unique way shaped by this environment. It is intriguing to see how these resilient and brave people live especially for guests coming from a very different way of life. We created a sustainable way for our guests to be able to visit and spend time in these villages. One common characteristic, Rajasthanis are famous for is their hospitality and that shines through even in these isolated sandy villages. Children look out from far and the more mischievous ones shout out their common greeting of ‘Ram Ram’, women smile shyly and cover their faces with beautiful saris as you pass by and well-groomed men in brightly colored turbans invite you over for a cup of chai while curiously questioning you about your life and country.


For those seeking adventure, the Thar Desert will not disappoint. We will start with a bumpy jeep drive to one of the most remote areas of the desert followed by a ride on the ship of the desert, the beloved camel. Reminiscent of years gone by, riding this majestic creature on the sand dunes along this arid region is an experience like no other. One cannot help thinking about others who followed the same exact route years before and the rich history of this region. Watching the sunset, the sky and sand changing colors is a spectacle of its own. Drinking chai, cooking on an open fire, and discussing life with local camel men around a bonfire is an experience that tend to give you a whole new perspective on life. If you are brave enough to face the dark, cold desert night, we will set up a bed for you in the open. A proper bed out in the desert, with cozy bedding so that you can fall asleep gazing at the stars. If the ides of sleeping outside is too adventurous for your liking we can also set up a camp for the night. Waking up early to the sounds of birds chirping, the singsong voices of the camel men deep in discussion while preparing breakfast and the sun rising is another memorable experience for the adventurous type.

Bird and Wildlife Watching

The Thar Desert is also home to many native animals including around 350 species of birds. The most common sightings on our trips are deer, lizards, fox, vultures, eagles, and other birds. We will specifically take you to areas that are better for animal and birds sightings if you have a particular interest in this.

Whether you are looking for a one day or multi-day desert experience, comfort, adventure, nature, culture or even better a mix of all we will guarantee to give you an authentic experience in the Thar Desert. Nobody knows the desert better than us, its inhabitants and we are happy to share our home, knowledge and experience with our guests. Check out our itineraries, choose one or make up your own to create a unique experience you will remember forever.

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