“If you didn’t think it possible to find peacefulness or tranquility in India, this will change your mind.”

– Matthew from TripAdvisor

At Fifu Camel Safaris we have been providing authentic experiences  in the Thar desert for over 20 years. Our tours give people the opportunity to come face to face with the amazing, but extreme, environment of the Thar Desert. Whether its a sunset trek or a multi-day excursion our guests experience first hand the majesty of the Great Indian Desert. The Thar Desert also known as the Great Indian Desert is the most populated desert in the world. Home to over 30 million people, rich in culture and traditions inherited from many generations.

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With over 20 years of professional guiding experience and a combined total of over 90 years of living in the Thar Desert between our experienced guides, Fifu Camel Safaris knows how to deliver the best that the Thar Desert has to offer.


To make you feel at home and ensure that you understand all that you can our guides are fluent in Hindi, English, German, Spanish, and French.


Step into the wild expanse of the desert without ever stepping out of luxury. Our campsites are fully equipped and ensure that you will have a wild, but nonetheless comfortable, stay beneath the stars.


The Thar desert you visit is the same Thar that our guides know and love. While our campsite is comfortable your visit to the Thar is authentic. As our guest you are able to engage in the Thar with as much ruggedness as you desire.


Don’t worry about leaving the comfort of Hotel Fifu because the high standards associated with Fifu are maintained throughout all tours. If you are in need of anything, don’t hesitate to ask.


Everybody loves the Thar for their own reasons. Whether it is the quiet of the desert evening or the expanse of stars across the night sky, our guests love our treks. Please feel free to read our reviews on Tripadvisor.com. If you enjoyed your time with us, please leave one yourself.

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