• Drive to several villages in the desert
  • Walk around, interact with locals and visit homes
  • Lunch at a local’s family home
  • Continue on Desert Safari

PRICE: INR 5500 per person (min 2 people)

* 10% discount when booking for 3-5 people

Price includes: lunch, mineral water and transportation. Luggage can be stored at our premises while on tour and subject to availability, guests will be given a room at our hotel to freshen up.

These tours are a perfect extension to our desert trips, perfect for those who would like to have a whole day not just an afternoon. It is all about authenticity for this one. Nothing is staged, we want you to see how people live in the Thar Desert. We teamed up with locals to create a sustainable way in which guests can see the lives of these extraordinary people who live in these villages and simultaneously created a fair source of income for these villages.

The people of the Thar Desert are known for their hospitality. Our guests end up being treated like family members who have been missing for some time. Within a few minutes of your arrival it seems as if the whole village has been informed that a guest arrived. Children start approaching curiously and shouting greetings, women look shyly from far away while men welcome you in their village and ask about your life and family. Because of the remoteness of these villages, locals are not used to having visitors hence it is always a special occasion when guests arrive. After walking around the villages and some chai breaks, we will arrange for a traditional lunch in one of the homes so guests can see further how people live.

In our opinion sharing a meal creates a bond, a familiarity through a common activity. Through this tour we hope to create a better understanding of other cultures.

Once you are ready you can continue with your chosen desert itinerary.

Feel free to contact us for further information.